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COURSE DETAILS                                                                                           Duration

Honors diploma in Software Technology (HDST)                                        12 Months

Semester I:

Basics, PC Operations and Applications, Internet Concepts, HTML, FrontPage, Minor Project work in Web Page Designing.

Semester II:
C Programming, OOPs using C++, Minor Project Work.

Semester III:
DBMS & RDBMS Concepts, Oracle, VB.NET, Minor Project Work.

Semester IV:
Core Java, JDBC

Major Project Work

Diploma in Web Designing & Programming                                               12 Months

Semester I:                                                                                                    1 Month
Foundation course on Internet Technologies

Concept of Internet and Communications, Concept of Search Engine, Domain Registration, e-mail and FTP Servers, Basic concept of IIS, FrontPage

Semester II:                                                                                                  5 Months
Certificate in Web Designing
HTML, CSS, Java Script/ VBScript, MS-Access, ASP.NET, Flash, PhotoShop

Semester III:                                                                                                 6 Months
Certificate in Neutral Application on Internet Technologies

Core Java, Oracle/SQL server, Project Work.

Advance Diploma in Software Technology (ADST)                                      6 Months
Networking Concepts, Linux, C, C++, Java

Diploma in Software Technology (DST)                                                       6 Months
Computer Concepts, DOS and Windows, Ms-Office, MS Access, C Programming

Certificate in Office Application (COA)                                                         3 Months
Fundamentals, MS Dos, Windows, MS Office (MS-Word, Ms-Excel,

Diploma in Office Application (DOA)                                                            4 Months
Fundamentals, MS Dos, Windows, MS Office (MS-Word, Ms-Excel, MS-PowerPoint), Internet Operation, DBMS Concept & Applications using MS Access.

Certificate in Internet Concepts & Operation (CICO)                                      1 Month
Concepts of Internet and Communication, HTML, FrontPage.

Diploma in .NET Technologies (DDT)

Other Short Term Career Courses

Course Duration
Computer Concept, DOS and Windows  2 Months
MS-Windows 1 Month
FoxPro Programming/MS Access 2 Months
C Programming 2 Months
Linux 1 Month
C++ Programming 2 Months
C, C++ Programming 3 Months
Visual Basic 6.0 2 Months
MS-Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint) 2 Months
Desk Top Publishing (DTP) (PageMaker, CorelDraw & PhotoShop) 3 Months
JavaScript/ HTML/FrontPage/Flash / Dreamweaver 1 Month
AutoCAD  2 Months
Java Programming 3 Months 
SQL Server, Visual Basic 6.0 / VB.NET 3 Months 
Oracle, Java  4 Months
Oracle 2 Months
Photoshop 1 Month  
ASP.Net/VB.NET/C#.NET 2 Months
SQL Server 1 Month 
Python 2 Months
Tally 2 Months
PageMaker/CorelDraw 1 Month
PHP 2 Months
JSP 2 Months
Data Structure using C / C++ 1 Month
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